Investing in the Future

SIMVISR specializes in investing and developing organizations with technology focused visions. Our family of brands focus on integration of human and artificial intelligence, and the power that is created by combining the two. We invite you to get in touch with someone from our staff if this area of business is of interest to you, or you are pursuing investments in this line of business.

Read on to explore our offerings and learn more about SIMVISR and how we are working to build the future. 


WillowAI is a platform and services company dedicated to building artificial intelligence and machine learning software solutions. offers a SaaS software solution for businesses and employs experts in the data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence fields to build astounding business management and intelligence solutions.


Kennedy Computer Consulting

Kennedy Computer Consulting (KCC) focuses on providing information technology management solutions to startups, SMB’s, and enterprise companies. The world-class team has helped a diverse range of organizations get on the right technology path for growth and profit.

Academy Evolve

AcademyEvolve offers artificial intelligence backed training solutions for businesses of all sizes. Have a course designed for your unique needs or load your own. Get metrics such as time spent for completion, scores, and over all engagement. 



SIMVISR was founded with the mission to provide advanced technologies to smaller to mid-sized organizations that typically did not have the budget to fund large scale projects, or perform research with unknown outcomes.

To this end, SIMVISR has grown and evolved over the years to encompass brands that focus on providing individuals and businesses with what they need to succeed.

People + Tech: A Common Thread

As SIMVISR evolved into a more sophisticated organization, our project diversity found a common thread. Artificial Intelligence is made better with Human Intelligence, and visa versa. We have learned to empower companies and organizations by helping their staff improve, as well as, their systems.

Our Core Skills

What We Offer

Through our unique brands, SIMVISR is able to focus our core skills into products and services that greatly improve the future of an organization. Explore our brands, and learn more about working with SIMVISR and our staff of experts and proven  professionals. SIMVISR has offices throughout the U.S. as well as worldwide, and looks forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Learning Algorithms, Neural Networks, and Chatbots. WillowAI has a comprehensive suite of AI-powered SaaS applications and development skills to help you reach your vision.

CXO Services

On-Demand CXO’s for organizations needing senior level technical and business assistance. Through, Kennedy Computer Consulting, we offer fractional CTO, CIO, CSO, while via The Monssoen Group, we  provide part-time COO, CSO, CMO.

Retail & E-Commerce

Taking retail operations and management to the next level by integrating every aspect of the operation, and applying deep business intelligence from the supply chain, to customer acquisition, to the sale and retention of customers.

Education and Training

Online focused training in marketing, finance, development, technology, and business leadership. Through, AcademyEvolve, we offer courses to educate people using our AI-driven learning management system (LMS).


Our Approach to Technology

SIMVISR’s approach to technology has always been the same. PEOPLE FIRST. This approach led us to pioneer the Evolve Method, as user experience oriented software and project development methodology. As well as the RaceTrack™ Architecture Pattern, a software development architecture pattern and software platform designed to provide common resources, functionality, and easy to maintain and extend structure to software projects for business.

Our approach focuses on the importance of human interaction with business systems on both the input and output sides, and ensures that interactivity is the driving force behind system conception and development.

Our development solutions, including services related to project planning and management are handled via our DevUpp Studio brand.


The Evolve Method

The Evolve Method wascreated to ensure software projects are well managed, easy to plan, and most importantly are predictable and cost effective. The Evolve Method focuses on deep understanding of a projects needs from a human perspective and uses the Design Down, Develop Up principle, focusing first on user experience, and engineering the systems necessary to support that experience.

RaceTrack™ Architecture Pattern

The RaceTrack™ Architecture Pattern was created to provide a solution for jumpstarting business, enterprise, and commercial software projects by providing a framework and design plan for starting software development. This includes important rules for how software is developed, as well as, common platform artifacts like security, authentication, and communications.