Establishing a Presence in The Grand Valley

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It’s been two years since we moved to Grand Junction. In that two years, we have experimented with business partners, multiple locations, and different corporate structures. After working for the last few months to gain a foothold here, we have decided our operations will be centered here in The Grand Valley. Grand Junction, Colorado is one of the best-kept secrets in the Rockies. It’s small-town atmosphere, and the driven local population that is focused on growth makes it the perfect location for our technology organization.

SIMVISR LLC is focused on two things; small business and personal development. Our mission is to bring solutions to individuals and small organizations that will help them thrive in a difficult business and financial climate. Our goal over the next five years is to bring various business entities under the SIMVISR LLC umbrella to Grand Junction and to help the local population, and ultimately customers across the United States, with growth-oriented technology solutions.

If this is your first time reading about SIMVISR we encourage you to reach out to us. We’d love the opportunity to meet you, and discuss how we could work together. Here are some of the great business organizations we are bringing to Colorado’s Western Slope:

  • Become Better Club – This online training course was designed to help individuals that feel stuck move past problems that plague their lives. Working with experts and educators in the 12 different self-improvement disciplines, we have created a program that can help anyone become better.
  • DEVUPP – A complete cycle software development company that helps build desktop, web and mobile applications from start to finish (from planning to marketing). Our prime customers are startups and small businesses looking to achieve exponential growth through the creation of new technology solutions.
  • DEVUPP Studio – A web design and digital marketing studio that focuses on modern marketing approaches; like growth hacking, automated marketing, sales and marketing funnels, digital and print media, branding, and marketing strategy.
  • Grow Family Wealth – This innovated online training course is to help families create new wealth and financial security programs that can be shared amongst extended family members to create a growing source of financial gain. This mentor-led program focuses on creating small groups of family members that can help each other succeed and acquire wealth despite the sometimes challenging financial climate.
  • Kennedy Computer Consulting – This information technology driven company will bring technology and support solutions initially to the Grand Valley and ultimately to companies across the United States. Our expert approach to support small business IT needs allows us to be agile while keeping the prices fixed where small business owners can afford them.
  • SIMVISR.IO – An organization that supports its customers through the SIMVISR.IO platform. This small business ERP and CRM platform are designed exclusively to support small and startup businesses that want to achieve growth through automation, intelligence, and process improvement.
  • Trajan Technology – This e-commerce company brings affordable technology from around to support business and consumer needs with things like tablets, computers, and other electronics.
  • West Survival Gear – This e-commerce organization brings disaster, emergency, and survival planning solutions to individuals and families. Our unique programs and products allow us to help people build a successful survival and emergency plan and acquire the products and equipment they may need at a reasonable price.
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